■ (pixel)

by theStark

paranoid ■ 05:43
titan ■ 02:37
sorrow ■ 02:33
isolated ■ 05:53
heretic ■ 04:29


We are, all of us, on this pale blue dot, a pixel, together.

This collection of musical diversions, themes, and aural experiments written on whimsy, fueled by friends, fine (and sometimes not so fine) wine, video games, books and audiobooks, travels, experiences, anniversaries, and other events, historical, present, and far-flung future.

This particular journey began on a whim and continues to grow at its own pace. Though there was an inception to this project, and an inspiration, it has continued to grow and take on a life of it's own. It's a meandering, ponderous, curious, and sometimes cumbersome thing. The joy of freedom, and creation, is that when left to it's own devices it can become a thing of minuscule proportions or one of massive results… art is in the ear of the beholder… and of it's creator. This particular piece has no master plan, no grand structure, it is by it's very essence it's own creature and will be done… when it is done.

Thanks to my family. Sarah, you give me all the support, love, and inspiration I could ask for. Rissa, you are amazing, and I love who you are. Thanks also to my closest friends; Eden, Michael, David, Kris, Robb, Kyra, Ronabell, and Kevyn — you all inspire me more than you know. House DAOS continues to be a special source of joy for me, thank you all.

Special thanks to "mad scientist art guy" Max Rubenacker for being open to the experiment as his works are far more intellectual pursuits. His project DAWG (originally: 1dOg) is quite interesting and inspired some of this work.

Music, compositions, recordings, art, design, words, etc.: Created by Damon Law.

Began life as 2 tracks, quickly added 2 additional tracks.
Added 4 additional tracks on 15.10.05.
Added 1 additional track on 16.02.01.
Added 1 additional track on 16.06.17.
Added 1 additional track on 17.01.19.
Updated all tracks audio and visuals on 17.07.01.

Album completed on 8 July, 2017.


released October 5, 2015

All compositions, production, art, design, engineering, and recordings by Damon Law, theStark. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



theStark Portland, Oregon

Music for misanthropes, movies, and malcontents. Award-winning, independently educated composer from Portland, Oregon, theStark (Damon Law) has been writing music for over 20 years. Damon creates music for theater, film, industrial and commercial release. ... more

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